Jake Gray has been writing songs since he picked up a guitar in his teenage years. His style is a crossbreed of Rock and Americana. It is the country rock sounds of the Eagles, meets the storytelling of John Hiatt, with a slice of Foo Fighters attitude.

Jake is passionate about music, and his undying love for it challenges him to continually grow as an artist. 

And mostly he just needs these things to come out of his head...

He's played a lot of styles over the years. His Mom always said he had a heart for country and the trick of a turn of a phrase... he has finally listened to her. 

Jake is a multi-instrumentalist. On his records he will usually be found playing acoustic, lead, slide, and bass guitar. He also plays the harmonica, mandolin, keyboard, and will at times, take his turn at percussion. 

FAQ: Does Jake have a PhD?
Jake responds: Yes, but in my defense, I just kept taking the classes and no one had the good sense to get rid of me. 

Recognizing how important music was to the foundation of his being, Jake wanted to share the gift of music with kids. A few years ago, he started a non-profit foundation, The First Chairs Club, Inc., that helps provide instruments to high schools where students can't afford to pay for instruments.